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Hiya, and thanks for stopping by!

I am a lot of things, but one main thing that guides my life is being an artist! Drawing has been apart of my life for a while now ever since I was a teeny fetus. I mainly find myself drawing digitally, but now I am also learning to animate in 3D (as well as learning screenwriting) for school + my future career!

Right now, I am attending a university in Chicago as I study for my BA in animation while also building my portfolio. If I ever have long gaps of not updating my website, assume that I am hunched over my computer trying to complete an animation assignment -.-

Here are the Everskies outfits that I've put together!

Despite the controveries and dramas that occur on this website everyday, I do enjoy the dress up aspect of this game. It's what I focus on the most because the forums are nuts. Fun fact: messing around on my Everskies profile was the final push that led me to create my neocities account! My Everskies Profile

my everskies outfits #1 my everskies outfits #2
natal chart #1


Feel free to dissect my chart and/or compare with your own!

natal chart #2 natal chart #3

Teeny Glimpse of Who I Am


My Favorite Things

Fav Food Fries
Fav Drink(s) Fanta and Water
Fav Color Black
Fav Animal(s) Doggies & Kittens
Fav Show Bojack Horseman
Fav Game Splatoon 2