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Jackie Extreme

We gotta stan an artifical pop star. I think she is considered a synth pop artist, but I gotta put her here because her songs are so electric and groovy 😌 Her sound is so cool & she is criminally underrated! Can we also talk about how perfect "Darkweb" is? It is truly a piece of art, chefs kiss even 🤌

Machine Girl

Machine Girl was one of the many artists I've discovered during the height of the pandemic when I was just listening to all kinds of music while trapped in my room. But it wasn't until lately that I've been exploring more of their discography as I get into hardcore + breakcore. Their stuff is so good, I gotta say! Listening to Machine Girl makes me feel like I'm being sent into hyperdrive through like a black hole or something LOL. Their sound is so ecstatic, punchy, intense, and lively. I can't get enough of it!

Danny L Harle

When I tell you that Harlecore has had a tight grip on me recently, I mean it 😭‼️ I know that Danny is known more for his pop/hyperpop collaborations, but he is so good at EDM. His Harlecore album & remixes are god tier and it has made me start looking for EDM events near me b/c I rlly miss being a part of that scene 🥲 If anyone knows any upcoming (and affordable 😔) EDM events in Chicago, lmk!

DJ Technorch

I discovered DJ Technorch from Taronuke's UKSRT series (specifically UKSRT8) and I have been bopin ever since. Technorch has a very unique sound in the speedcore genre & his music is fun to listen to for a while before the ears go numb :]


The man, the myth, the legend. If you are into rave / EDM / happy-hardcore music, then you most likely have heard of S3RL! My earliest memory of S3RL's music was the iconic Pika Girl song and the numerous osu maps hosting his songs. I generally really like the vibe of S3RL's remixes/songs because they're so fun to jam out to! Listening to his music has also encouraged me to get into the rave scene more.


Reol is also another artist I discovered through osu. I don't have too much to say other than I love her music and I'm glad that she continues to get the recognition I think she deserves as her career progresses!


I feel like it's only right to give vocaloid a spot on here b/c I grew up listening to them! Though I don't listen to them as often as I used to, I still have a immense appreciation for the classic and new songs created by the community and the overall creative nature of those who enjoy vocaloid ♥


I hadda add good ol' Cyriak to this list! I will always have pure nostagia from this guy's weird & imaginative animations on youtube. I'm glad that he still makes great content on the platform b/c he is so creative & has some funky tunes.


Other genre-related songs I like from a variety of artists!