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I love Gorillaz, you love Gorillaz, your grandmother loves Gorillaz, everyone loves Gorillaz! I don't know what else I can say about this pretty epic group that hasn't already been said cuz they're that cool. Though, I want to add how amazing it is that Gorillaz has been making music for a few decades now and they haven't gone stale at all IMO. Everything throughout the timeline is a bop! I'm a sucker for inventive/experimental music groups and Gorillaz will always be the OGs.

Lemon Demon

This wacky artist has never failed to amaze and surprise me with his funky little tunes and his remixes as Neil Cicierega. I'm not lying when I say Lemon Demon is the most unique musician ever because I have NEVER heard the style of music he makes outside of himself. I dunno, there's something about Lemon Demon's music that just be hittin' right. I love it! He is definitely one of my top favorite artists of all time.

Tally Hall

Tally Hall is another band with such a special vibe that cannot be captured by other artists. They're just so good that it's a CRIME that they disbanded when they did. We needed at least a hundred more albums. Miracle Musical can only satisfy my hunger for so long until I finally snap and resurrect this band with voodoo magic. But anyway, I'm glad that they exist at all and left us with such beautiful gems.

Kero Kero Bonito

♫ Hey, yea it's KKB ♫ Okay, KKB is the most wholesome band change my mind. Wait, you CAN'T because you know I'm right. Gus, Jamie, and Sarah are just da coolest and are talented at creating catchy melodies + cool concepts. Even when this band explores outside of their comfort zone when it comes to their sound (like the "TOTEP" EP for example), they just sound great! I always have a smile on my face when listening to KKB and just love seeing what they have to deliver every time.


K.flay is ALWAYS delivering the best bops ISTG! Like, she's an amazing artist. From her singing, her lyrics, her sound, her personality, everything! I used to listen to those viral trap remixes of her (like this one for example) a while back and I never thought I would become so addicted to her music. Never change K.Flay!

Mars Argo

Mars Argo has had a very complicated history on the internet with the one-that-shall-not-be-named which ended up interfering with her work online. Though thanks to dedicated fans, a lot of her music was saved from becoming lost media. Mars Argo has such a beautiful voice and is a great indie musician. She really is a gem honestly. All I can hope for is that she's doing well. Her music isn't on Spotify, so I'll place some videos instead.

Update: She's back making music!!! Check out her new song on Spotify "Angry".

bo en

When I think of bo en, I think of the pure nostalgia from when I listened to his Pale Machine album over and over years ago. His voice is heavenly, the music he makes would taste like fine wine, and he is just so handsome -chef kiss-

Dreamer Isioma

Believe me when I say that I am OBSESSED with Dreamer Isioma. Dreamer does something so unique with R&B / Funk that I cannot stop listening to them. The beats are so hypnotic, their voice is so gorgeous, their lyrics are also amazing, and oh my god this artist does not FAIL. Overall, I'm very excited to see where Dreamer's career goes from here!


Through her new direction into rock with her single " t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l ", I got to discover Willow's discography. I haven't listened to much of her music or have liked some of the stuff I've heard tbh. But, something about her "R I S E" EP is so special to me. It's what I've been listening to on repeat for a while now. Spirituality has been a sensitive topic for me as I continue to explore it and find out what it means to me. So this EP has been a great companion throughout that process. Not only does the subject matter feel relevant to me, but the overall mood of the EP is so relaxing. And on top of that, Willow and Jahnavi's voices together is the definition of angelic. I encourage you guys to give it a listen if you are interested!

Jun Togawa

Thanks to Koinuko, I was able to discover this intriguing artist called Jun Togawa! If you want to learn a little more about this artist, I would go to Koinuko's shrine by clicking this link. All you have to know is that Jun has such a versatile singing voice and explores quite out-of-the-ordinary topics in both her songs and aesthetic when compared to other new-wave 80s Japanese artists.


Recently, I started listening to this group again and thought "wow, how could I forget to add them to my music pages???". So, here we are! Doing justice to these talented artists. IC3PEAK is very bold with the kind of political/social commentary they make while in a very oppressive country. They were also my introduction to the witch house genre, which I think I'll be exploring more of. The beats, the lyrics, the aesthetic, all of it is amazing. I hope that this duo never gives up making their art despite the bs they have to deal with from their government.


Other genre-related songs I like from a variety of artists!