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Seeing Poppy evolve her music over the years has been very engaging. Though, seeing her dominate the nu-metal scene has been one of my favorite eras out of her entire career so far. Poppy as a metal artist fits super well since she's quite good at delivering on this particular sound while adding her uniqueness to it! It's been so cool seeing her dominate the space around the same time I started getting into metal music. And as a fan of her for so long, it's just so satisfying seeing her break out of the limitations that were trapping her when she moved away from the one-that-shall-not-be-named. The "I Disagree" album is a banger, her recent rock music is a banger, and her future songs yet to be released will also be bangers!


I understand that a lotta metalheads cannot stand Babymetal, but I just can't understand why. I love me some Babymetal! I think the members of this group are great performers and add such a fun spirit to this genre. The band accompanying them + the music producers are also very talented at making all these songs sound interesting and energetic! And don't get me started on their expansion lore, crazy concerts, and overall cuteness. I can write a manifesto on Babymetal's greatness. Overall, a great group full of talented artists.


I encountered this group randomly through shuffled Spotify playlists and was immediately hooked! Initially, I thought the lead was a guy and that there was a girl accompanying the screaming parts. But to my surprise, it was both the screaming and singing parts that were from the girl! Again, I'm very new to this genre. So seeing a girl doing all of this was mind-blowing to me since all I saw was dudes. Other than this girl's skillful talent, I really like the music Jinjer makes and their overall versatility on the multiple genres they tap into.

Trap Them

I don't know too much about this group since I discovered them way too late. But, the entirety of their "Crown Feral" album has been on repeat in my metal playlist. So, I think it's fair that I give them a section!

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

I can already hear you asking me: "but, didn't you put this group in your psychedelic category?". Yup! But you know what? Infest the Rat's Nest is one of my FAVORITES so far. Like, the energy is just perfect and I want to learn ALL the guitar riffs from this album but I'm not at that skill level yet ;-; But anyway, I just really love this album so it gets to be in this section too. DEAL WIT IT.


Other genre-related songs I like from a variety of artists!