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Below are the many neat websites and links that I have stumbled upon while browsing the internet. I hope you, fellow visitor, find them useful!

Image Editing/Decor

EZGif: My go-to website for creating and editing gifs.

Pixel Speech Bubble: Makes a small pixel speech bubble gif in seconds.

3D-Text-2-Gif: Makes a wobbly, 3D text gif.

Seamless Pattern: Makes a seamless pattern.

Text Anim: Makes a fancy text gif with the choice of multiple textures.

Sadgrl's Webmastery: Sadgrl's list of useful coding tools.

Learn Sadgrl: Sadgrl's helpful how-to guides for coding.

Picasion: Create a glitter text with the choice of multiple textures.

Online Png Tools: Add some text to your png.

Online Image Resizer: Resize that image!

Compress Jpeg: Compress that jpeg!

Free Formatter - HTML Formatter: An awesome HTML formatter.

Free Formatter - CSS Beautifer: Makes your CSS look pretty and epic.

Learn Code / Coding Help

W3Schools: The best place to learn code!

HTML Shark: Some neat HTML pointers.

Interneting Is Hard: HTML and CSS tutorials.

CSS Layout: CSS Layout help b/c layouts can be tricky sometimes (at least for me).

Tess Is A Mess: A neat code tester.

HTML Cheat Sheet: A HTML reference sheet.

CSS Cheat Sheet: A CSS reference sheet.

JS Cheat Sheet: A JS reference sheet.

Music Prod. Help

Guitar Chords: A top tier guitar chord finder for your guitar chord needs.

Virtual Piano: A neat virtual piano.

Ableton - Learning Music: A cool, free resource from Ableton to help with learning music.

Music Theory: Free lessons and exercises for learning music theory.

Cakewalk: A free DAW software for music production!

Auto Chords: A website that provides randomly generated chord progressions.

Looperman: A website full of free samples & loops.

Vital: A free wavetable synthesizer for any DAW.

Chrome Melody Maker: A funky melody maker from Chrome Experiments.

Tap Tempo: Tap any key on your keyboard to create your desired tempo.

Web Goodiez!

The 88x31 GIF Collection: A buncha cool 88x31 buttons.

Glue @ Neocities: A page of cute mini graphics.

Mabs Lands: Adopt a censorship panda for your website.

The Icon Depot: A list of neat 90s web graphics.

The Blink Exchange: Some fake banner ads.

Pixel Soup: Adorable pixel graphics.

Cursors-4-U: Cool cursors for your website.

Totally Free Cursors: More cool cursors for your website.

Gifcities: A list of archived geocities gifs.

Free Hosted Scripts: Free JS scripts for your website.

RV'S Free Effects: More neat scripts for your website.

Mutant Standard Emojis: Modern emojis!

Web Badges A large list of web badges.

Link Directories

Vomit Boyz: Vomit Boyz's directory.

Vertpush: Vertpush's directory.

Sadgrl: Sadgrl's directory.

Bikobatanari: Bikobatanari's directory.

Peelopaalu: Peelopaalu's directory.

List-me: List-me's directory.

Indie Seek: Indie Seek's directory.

Hakanai: A fan listing directory.

Yesterweb: Yesterweb's directory.

Website Layouts

Eggramen: Eggramen's CSS layouts.

Templaterr: Templaterr's simple starter layouts.

Zonelets: Zonelet's simple blogging layouts.

Sadgrl - Layouts: A list of layouts.

Sadgrl - Layout Builder: Sadgrl's helpful layout builder.

Tess Is A Mess - Layouts & Codes: A website with a handful of neat layouts and code.


👀: The best surprise you'll ever have.

Sand Spiel: A fun little magical sandbox.

Nicky Case: The coolest programmer ever!

Bored Button: Click this when you're bored.

The Useless Web: Also click this when you're bored.

Elouai: A doll making website.

SCM Player: Add a music player to your website.

12ft Ladder: Avoid those pesky paywalls.

Jaup: Get jauped!

WTF Should I Do With My Life: Learn about a bunch of different jobs.

I'm a F*cking Webmaster: Imma fuqin webmaster!

This Website Will Self Destruct: Write an anonymous message to keep this webpage alive.

Picrew: Make cute profile pictures for you or your OCs.