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Otoboke Beaver

I'm glad the Spotify algorithm has matched me up with this band because they have been one of my favorite musicians ever since. I think they were my most-listened-to band in 2020 for that Spotify Wrapped thing (that was the year I first found out who they were). Their music + energy is SO addicting. I can replay their entire discography for a century straight and not get sick of them. It's pretty weird actually because I'm not really into the punk genre like I am the other stuff listed. But, I guess that's their magic touch! I hope one of these days I can go to one of their concerts in Japan.

Bear Ghost

Spotify's algorithm has also been delightful by gracing me with this wonderful group. This band is amazing! This group is considered to be an adventure rock band, so there's a lot of fun to be had with the melodies they make and their fantastic lyrics. I feel like my spirit is always uplifted (pun intended) when listening to their songs since it's just impossible not to dance and sing along.


A talented animator from Newgrounds (Speedoru) introduced me to this band when he first made that "Go Anti Go" video on Youtube. I didn't get around to listening to this group back then, but his recent collab with Wienners made me return to their tunes. I only listened to their Cult Pop Japan album, but their songs are pretty catchy! Here are my favs from that album :)


There's a certain vibe to this band that has been hittin' just right for me recently. I don't know much about the band and their history, but I do know that they are definitely worth the listen! The vocals are heavenly and the whole band is mega talented 😌🤌


Other genre-related songs I like from a variety of artists!