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Hi, and welcome to my page! As you can see, a lot of the stuff on here is under construction. I apologize in advance if there is a broken link or a missing puzzle piece somewhere! I have a lot of plans for the type of features I'll add to this page. So many cool stuff beyond your WILDEST dreams. So, gimme a follow why dontcha? Only if you want of course. There is no peer pressure on this webpage.

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- my todo list b/c i do be forgetting stuff -

6/22/22: Update: Added a stamp to stamp pg & resources to resources pg.

5/30/22: Update: Spruced up my music pages.

2/20/22: Update: Added a resources page!

2/16/22: Update: I finally finished my first shrine!

2/9/22: Update: Added a Last.FM page in music section / working on a shrine :)

1/13/22: Update: Spruced up minor details on the index page. Also, happy new year!

12/1/21: Update: Added new subpages to stamp & home page.

10/14/21: Update: I just been messin' with my music pages tbh.

9/25/21: Update: It's my birthday! 🥳

9/20/21: Update: I'm celebrating my b-day week with fun website decor :)

9/18/21: Update: Fixed up my about me page finally (it's been bothering me for too long).

9/6/21: Update: Brushing up my page layouts a bit.

8/28/21: Update: Added the Yesterweb webring. Thank you for the membership, Sadgrl!

8/19/21: Update: Wow, thanks for the 10k views, everyone! Although I've only been here for a few weeks, engaging with you all on Neocities has been a treat! Being a webmaster has been so liberating - as it allows me to have any creative say on my very own webpage. And no billionaire from Silicon Valley can stop me, mwah-ha-ha-ha. My classes started up again, so I'll be taking some time to get used to that again. But no doubt, I'll be chipping away at this website again once I'm situated!

8/16/21: Update: Added dropboxes to music and picrew pgs.

8/15/21: Update: Updated site background (It moves now!)

8/9/21: Update: Added a Picrew page! Also, ughhHHHHH my about me page is frustrating me b/c I don't like the particular layout. I have to remember to fix it sometime. But in the meantime, the cats shall bless the page with their sick moves.

8/8/21: Update: Created a sitemap.

8/7/21: Update: Added a OST music page. Also added da coolest cats to my about me page.

7/28/21: Update: Finished all my music genre things! yay! Now go look at my superior music taste and give me an anthony fantano rating.

7/27/21: Update: Temporarily removing the music player since it's lagging my website.

7/25/21: Update: Finished the psychedelic and rap/hiphop sections! I also will remove the sound fxs I added last night to the menu bar cause they aren't functional.

7/25/21: Update: Added sound fxs to the menu links but idk if its workin right ;-;.

7/25/21: Update: Finally made all the subpages. Just have to fix them up w/my music tastes.

7/24/21: Update: Working on the different subpages of my music page. Currently made one for the psychedelic genre.

7/22/21: Update: Accidently made a stamp when I should've made a button. Whoops! Problem is solved now.

7/21/21: Update: Created a stamp that people can collect if they wish ♡ Also added header where I can display other people's stamps.

7/20/21: Update: Created a completely different layout for my music page and its lookin prettyyyyyy cool. Next, I have to make individual pages for the different catagories on there. But for now, I've put links to zombo.com

7/20/21: Update: Currently cookin' up a dope ass music page. Stay tuned!

7/19/21: Update: Fixed my about me page issue that I mentioned earlier!

7/18/21: Update: Made sure to sleep lol. Right now, I'm fixing my css layouts so they stay consistent no matter the page's resolution/size. Though, I'm having troubles doing that with my about me page descriptions.

7/18/21: Update: It's now 3:56am so lemme make this speedy: added more pngs, added stamps, added everskies gifs, added a LOT of descriptions and dividers, created a table, finally fixed my crusty stamps layout, updated copyright bar, repositioned width of header (about me page), and finally added a playlist bar to my about me page (struggled a lot with this one)!

7/18/21: Update: Still chippin away on the about me page! Added two gifs, pngs, and more descriptions. I should sleep rn (1:35am) but I am too determined.

7/17/21: Update: Adding some descriptions in my about me page.

7/16/21: Update: Added a photo and a slideshow on my about me page. Added some touches to my error html page. Toggled with my falling stars and the marquee scroll bar.

7/15/21: Update: Toggled with stamp page. Working on my about me page.

7/9/21: Mini Update: added vertical dividers to fill up the space in the stamps page. Created this update bar. Created a favicon. Edited my page titles. Linked my neocities page. Learned how to add dividers in html. Altered the size of the footer individual from the header. Wrote stuff in the main page finally. Altered marquee font size.

7/9/21: First, thank you for the 1k views! I'm not entirely sure how Neocities works yet, but I'm assuming that around 1k of you have decided to click on my webpage. And for that, I'm completely thankful. Especially since I haven't perfected my coding yet. But thank you for stopping by! I do have to say that I'm really proud of the progress I've made on here so far. This page used to be a random gif and a random list of shows I liked. Now I have: a layout, menue, three pages, and so much more. Coding on here has been a challenge, but a fun task! So far today, I have finally figured out how to make a favicon (pixel art made by yours truly). And from this point, I'm planning on making some sort of about me page. It's only fair that I share a small bit* of myself on the world wide web (keyword: small bit).

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